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Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep is an organization of volunteer photographers who provide remembrance photography to families suffering the loss of their baby.  Some hospitals will have a photographer on-call, from this organization or another called “Whispers”.  We were told our hospital used Whispers, but the day we were in the hospital no one was scheduled to be on-call through that organization.  Thankfully someone from NILMDTS came and helped out.  (I will find the photographers name/website and post it here later).  Their photographers, from my understanding, are trained in the situation and know how to handle families going through this type of crisis.  The photographer we had was very professional, never asked any questions, just took photos and gave us time and some incredible gifts of memories.

We highly recommend taking as many pictures as you can through your experience, they will help you so much in the grieving process.  We have a few families that we’ve talked to personally that have gone through this, they made that recommendation and they were absolutely right.

Take Them a Meal

Take Them a Meal is a site that helps organize meals for families.  We did not know about the site until someone asked if they could bring us a meal and then someone at church organized the bringing of meals through this site.  Kim and I often have difficulty accepting help, and weren’t sure at first, but the meals were an incredible help.  This site allows one place for everyone to view what meals have already been setup, allergies, likes and dislikes of your or your other kids, directions to the house, etc.  It is password protected, so your information is not public.  We had wonderful people come by, help us with meals, and share in her life by holding her and visiting.  Thank you so much to everyone who helped us.  If you know of a family going through what we have, use this site, it works VERY well.

The Preemie Store

The Preemie Store  is the site Kimberly went with when buying Alexandria clothing.  We bought her a few outfits before she was born, thinking that they would be some clothes for remembrance photography and a white dress for her to be buried in.  They had the styles that Kim liked and the prices were less then of other sites she’d seen.  The quality of the clothes was very good, but we found that there may be variations in what is pictured and what you end up getting.  (A dress we received was the same design, but the sewed on flowers were different then the website picture).

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